Read the signs, direct your path and get your stride on!

Without emotional contrast, expansion rarely occurs. Embrace your highs and lows to expand your worth, health and strength!

— Mary Tess Rooney

True Stride Podcast

True Stride is that feeling you get when you are aligned with your heart in all that you do, and feel energized and happy with every step you take. This podcast offers thoughtful conversations to help you realize your True Stride at work, at home, during play and with your community.

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With the idea that realizing your True Stride is a personalized journey, Heart Value expert and fellow Strider, Mary Tess Rooney connects listeners to elevate their value, relationships and joy.

Each weekly episode:

  • Takes Striders on a Wise Walk to self-reflect and surface their own feelings and beliefs on a topic

  • Offers stories, perspectives and practical ideas to encourage Striders to make choices and take action with intention

  • Highlights inspiration and anecdotes to activate more joy and appreciation in your life

Podcast Episodes

EP51: Why Getting Overlooked Creates Positive Possibilities with Jeffrey Shaw

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of being overlooked? Situations can arise that make people feel invisible or inadequate. Afterwards, it’s possible to feel drained or replay everything that’s wrong when endlessly thinking of that cycle. Have you ever thought being overlooked could be a blessing in disguise? Now is a good moment for a Wise Walk. Today, I talk with Jeffrey Shaw about feeling overlooked, effort and surrender, internal capacity development, and alignment.

EP50: Ways to Commit to What Lights You Up with Emily Adams

Feeling restless is typically a subconscious coping method for mental stress. In those times of mental stress, the mind passes through each moment so focused on the external world that the guidance calling from inside goes unnoticed. Taking inventory of our inner world allows us to recognize a bigger picture, see where we should fill a void, and identify a few unsettled feelings. Now is a good moment for a Wise Walk. I’m your host, Mary Tess Rooney, and I connect with Emily Adams to go on our Wise Walk for this guest episode.

EP49: How to Become a Minimalist from the Inside Out with Dana Knox Wright

Throughout life, unsolicited expectations and identity beliefs influence us. The key is to carefully evaluate if those things are true or worth keeping to prevent clinging onto things that drain us. On this Wise Walk, Mary Tess Rooney and Dana Knox Wright take a moment to slow down and check our reality to honor your choice to stop showing up in ways that don’t serve you and let go. Where in your life do you hold onto fear, and where in your life do you need to release things in order to invite in the experiences that you actually want? Mary Tess and Dana talk about the idea of living minimally internally, honoring transparency, and growing from expansion experiences. 

EP48: What Seats Are Calling You with Kristin Kaufman

Today’s episode features Kristin Kaufman. Kristin is a small town, Southern girl from Hot Springs, AR who inspires Alignment (which is the name of her company). Over the course of her career, Kristin spent 30 years in the technology space and led multi-billion dollar units on a global scale in three different publicly traded companies. In this current arc of her life, Kristin light-heartedly identifies as a Recovering Corporate Executive. Now, Kristin passionately offers advice and insight on how to build awareness about alignment through her “Is This Seat Taken?” book trilogy.

EP47: How to Savor Your Energetic Pie with Kasey Compton

Our guest today is Kasey Compton who runs multiple successful endeavors as the owner of a business consulting firm, a marketing company, a virtual assistant business, a commercial real estate corporation, a hair salon, and a growing mental health practice. She explains the energy pie as she encourages everyone to rethink how we delegate our energy. 

EP46: When to Say Yes to Feel Purposefully Aligned With Don Khouri

Actions that are truly aligned with our goals keep us purposely productive. In this episode, I chat with Don Khouri about productivity processes and when to say “Yes”, so that we can continue to choose actions that serve us in our journey. Listen to this conversation with Don to shift from feeling overwhelmed to empowered, and learn the five steps to evaluate “When to Say Yes,” when you have requests on your time.

EP45: What Daily Habits Elevate Your Joy Frequency?

During this episode, I give real examples that can help you tap into your highest Joy Frequency. To keep my highs, I rely on self-reflection, my inner compass, and the freedom of expression. When you learn to commit to your True Stride, you realize what energetic highs elevate your Joy Frequency. Let me share what brings me joy, so that you can discover your themes for yourself.

EP44: How Do You Elevate Human Connection in Your Life With Gena Cox?

At the core, people simply want to be acknowledged as being another human. Humans like to belong and to form a connection over numerous similarities: likes, quirks, or goals. Ironically, there is sometimes a gap in how humans connect when trying to empathize with the human experience. Could it be that each individual is mentally wrapped in their own world? Could it be that individual human experience varies so much that the likeness in the larger human experience is hard to see? To explore this idea of human connection, I discuss being human, showing up authentically, and tapping into empathy with Dr. Gena Cox.

EP43: What Signals Are You Sending As You Move Forward?

If you send out signals, you are sending a message. I realize that communicating the choice to walk in our True Stride requires us to be comfortable with being more visible and more vocal about our authentic intentions. It makes you wonder which ways you can be more visible and vocal in your life to send the most natural message. What signals are you sending out, and how do you feel about them? How are you making yourself more visible?

EP42: Appreciating Support and Paying It Forward

Walking in our True Stride with help from a support system connects to what we are saying “yes” to and what we are saying “no” to in everyday life. Discover what choices you can make to say “yes” to fully use and feel the help from your support system. When you do receive help, find ways to show gratitude, and pay it forward to someone else. Sharing will be natural, since you have more to give others when you are taken care of. What choices and actions are you making to move closer to what you’re dreaming of?

“Mary’s unique perspective, ‘that we’re constantly gaining value as we age’ is brilliant! I now see my value in the ‘sum of all of my experiences, not just my professional accomplishments and personal achievements.’ It’s been a game changer Mary!”

– Jeffrey Shaw
Host of Creative Warriors podcast, TEDx speaker and bestselling author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible.

“I love Mary’s mindful shift from how the external world perceives your value to how you internally feel about your value. It’s refreshing and empowering!”

– Next Incredible Person
SVP Special Violet Petals

“The wisdom beyond my years portion of Mary’s podcast gives me simple phrases and candid examples that ground me to better handle situations in my own life, and they are fun to pass on to my kids when it’s fitting.”

– Anonymous