Read the signs, direct your path and get your stride on!

Without emotional contrast, expansion rarely occurs. Embrace your highs and lows to expand your worth, health and strength!

— Mary Tess Rooney

True Stride Podcast

True Stride is that feeling you get when you are aligned with your heart in all that you do, and feel energized and happy with every step you take. This podcast offers thoughtful conversations to help you realize your True Stride at work, at home, during play and with your community.

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With the idea that realizing your True Stride is a personalized journey, Heart Value expert and fellow Strider, Mary Tess Rooney connects listeners to elevate their value, relationships and joy.

Each weekly episode:

  • Takes Striders on a Wise Walk to self-reflect and surface their own feelings and beliefs on a topic

  • Offers stories, perspectives and practical ideas to encourage Striders to make choices and take action with intention

  • Highlights inspiration and anecdotes to activate more joy and appreciation in your life

Podcast Episodes

EP76: Breathing into Your Choices and Outcomes with Anna Tansley

Every experience invites us to be present and aware of our energy and emotions so we can make informed choices and take intentional actions. Often we want to support someone else, and show up for them, but we also have to be aware that they are managing their emotions and energy at that moment. When we feel unaligned (with ourselves or others), we need to pause, breathe and pivot to create connection within and notice our new choices. With reflection and awareness, we can avoid being so stuck or rigid that we don’t have the ability to pivot. This episode talks about breathing into your choices and outcomes for our highest good. My guest is Anna Tansley.

EP75: Heart Value Practice: Feel-Choose-Act Amplifier

Taking a Wise Walk allows you to look at your feelings. How do the feelings that come up make you feel? If they bring up undesirable feelings, how do you plan to replace the feelings with something closer to what you actually want to feel? As you let your feelings reveal themselves to you, you get to choose new actions. This episode talks about a Heart Value Practice called the Feel-Choose-Act Amplifier.

EP74: Feel Good Finances with Tara E. Nolan

Everyone can follow their own idea of success to build a better relationship with money. It’s not uncommon to do what you’re “supposed” to do by society’s “standards”, and have things not go the way you expect. Creating your own path gives you the options that lead to a thriving life. This episode talks about feeling good in our relationship with finances with guest, Tara E. Nolan.

EP73: What EPIC Adventure is Calling You with Dawn Calvinisti

There’s a void we know that exists within ourselves. Yet, we push it off.  We know that there is something there that is worth exploring, but because it’s a new muscle we haven’t exercised, we give into our excuses. What if we decide to move forward in our True Stride? This episode talks about what EPIC adventure is calling you.

EP72: Remembering to Focus on What Lights You Up

When you view life with a lens of self-awareness, you discover a fully expressed version of yourself. With each aha, it becomes easier to embrace discomfort and look at situations from a growth perspective. How can you use moments of resistance to pivot and adjust to what lights you up? This episode talks about looking at life through a self-reflection lens and being able to laugh when transition falls upon us.

EP71: Ways to Be Ebb and Flow with Ron Rothberg

Society feeds us a dream of “streamlined everything.” We are so used to this idea of having a vision, filling a task list, and executing it seamlessly that we can miss our present moments being too caught up in what’s “next.” This episode talks about ways to be more present in the ebb and flow of life with today’s special guest Ron Rothberg.

EP70: Keys to Your Own Wise Walk Reflection

Your senses are constantly absorbing information. Externally, you try to make sense of the energy around you, pulling you, and requesting your attention. Internally, you try to balance and navigate thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that you experience. You don’t need to absorb all the information presented to you. This episode talks about having the keys to your own Wise Walk reflection.

EP69: How Intention Creates Our Reality with Leigh Farrow

What is possible with 10 minutes a day for 100 days or a word intention? What might you experience, create or receive? Imagine if you had a chance to create each day, and transformed the way you connect with the world. This episode talks about how committed intention can change your worldview with today’s special guest Leigh Farrow. Leigh Farrow, author of Leadership Nuts and Animated Wisdom speaker, is a creative powerhouse. Leigh is a friend and fellow Strider who is back again to talk about setting consistent intentions. 

EP68: How a Navy Seal Mindset Supports Your Life with William Branum

William Branum, retired Navy SEAL and former SEAL Sniper Instructor, is the founder and CEO of Naked Warrior Recovery. Naked Warrior Recovery aims to develop high quality CBD products to support physical and mental recovery through innovation and excellence. On our Wise Walk, William and I share thoughts on the mindset that can get people to do the work and take the actions that are necessary to do the work. William brings his lessons from dealing with his own baggage and trauma to help people “Get N.A.K.E.D!” and live more authentic lives.

EP67: How Your Mindset Enhances Your Experiences

As 2022 starts up, take time to think through what you really want this year and what you are trying to manifest. No matter how the year unfolds, you can navigate anything you weren’t expecting. You only have to slow down, check your reality, and open your heart and mind to new possibilities. This episode talks about how your mindset can enhance your experiences.

“Mary’s unique perspective, ‘that we’re constantly gaining value as we age’ is brilliant! I now see my value in the ‘sum of all of my experiences, not just my professional accomplishments and personal achievements.’ It’s been a game changer Mary!”

– Jeffrey Shaw
Host of Creative Warriors podcast, TEDx speaker and bestselling author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible.

“I love Mary’s mindful shift from how the external world perceives your value to how you internally feel about your value. It’s refreshing and empowering!”

– Next Incredible Person
SVP Special Violet Petals

“The wisdom beyond my years portion of Mary’s podcast gives me simple phrases and candid examples that ground me to better handle situations in my own life, and they are fun to pass on to my kids when it’s fitting.”

– Anonymous