Your value is an accrual of experiences! Embrace the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright complicated to awaken your joy!

– Mary Tess Rooney

Mary Tess Rooney

Mary Tess Rooney founded True Stride to create a movement where individuals unlock their Heart Value to elevate fulfillment, relationships and joy. As a Heart Value expert, author, speaker and empowerment coach, she inspires each person to trust their inner compass to read the signs, direct their path and get their stride on!

Knowing that every experience is an accrual of value, Mary Tess guides people, like you, to align their feelings, choices and actions to walk purposefully through life. Her strategies, resources and tools create awareness and practical steps to realize your True Stride.

Prior to True Stride, Mary Tess was a strategy and communications executive who crafted plans, achieved results and enabled teams to get their stride on within multi-billion-dollar businesses. Her business savvy and proficiency in sales, training, employee communication, public relations, marketing and project management ignited her passion to inspire individuals to achieve success and fulfillment, based on their own personal mission and vision.

Mary Tess holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University and certifications in coaching, change management, executive leadership, sales training, yoga, reiki and more. In her spare time, you’ll find her road tripping in her van, running, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, playing frisbee with her dog, hiking, rock climbing, practicing yoga, meditating, cooking or bonding with family and friends.

True Stride is an empowerment collective dedicated to teaching individuals to know, communicate and nourish their Heart Value, every day. Through the True Stride podcast, Heart Value book, and Value Vault retreat, individuals learn to voice their Heart Value, elevate their joy frequency and feel appreciated in ways that matter.

Most individuals minimize or discount the value they offer and the things that brings them joy. The True Stride movement creates a collaborative conversation that prioritizes a person’s Heart Value–what energetically and emotionally lights them up–above society’s idea of what’s valuable.

True Stride Movement

The True Stride movement creates a common language and a collaborative community of like-minded individuals who support each other’s commitment to living with of passion, purpose and meaningful relationships. When one individual’s joy frequency is raised, that vibration transcends to others and inspires more people to raise their joy frequency too.

The True Stride empowerment collaborative fosters new beliefs, skills and vision to self-direct their life’s aspirations, and motivate others to do the same. The fundamental questions of the True Stride movement are tied to Heart Value (what lights you up) feelings, choices and actions:

  • Feel: What energetically and emotionally lights you up? Who are the people in your life that appreciate your Heart Value? What areas of your life align to your True Stride that you would like to experience more?
  • Choose: Are you trusting your inner compass and making choices that align with your heart-center or are you making choices to please others? What choices will you make today that support your Heart Value purpose and fulfillment? How are you prioritizing making more Heart Value connections so your life’s work feels more rewarding?
  • Act: What one step or action will you take today that aligns with your True Stride? Small steps lead to progress and momentum, and if you change your mind about the path you’re on, you are always free to choose again.

The True Stride team provides insights, exercises, community support and learning opportunities to inspire you to tell your value story and be better seen, understood and treasured.

Join this movement to realize your True Stride and walk purposefully, in all that you do!

True Stride, LLC was formed to empower each individual to honor their unique stride as they navigate life’s interesting, complex and eventful journey. When we take the time, reflection and attention to channel our true stride… we enjoy our truest ride.”

– Mary Tess Rooney

“Mary’s straight forward approach and authentic style inspires rapid results in individuals and teams alike.”

– Next Incredible Person
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“The idea of having a personal vision map is exciting, and the way the True Stride team creatively crafted the exercise to connect and organize action items into digestible steps is priceless.”

– Leigh Farrow