Read the signs, direct your path and get your stride on!

Without emotional contrast, expansion rarely occurs. Embrace your highs and lows to expand your worth, health and strength!

— Mary Tess Rooney

True Stride Podcast

True Stride is that feeling you get when you are aligned with your heart in all that you do, and feel energized and happy with every step you take. This podcast offers thoughtful conversations to help you realize your True Stride at work, at home, during play and with your community.

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With the idea that realizing your True Stride is a personalized journey, Heart Value expert and fellow Strider, Mary Tess Rooney connects listeners to elevate their value, relationships and joy.

Each weekly episode:

  • Takes Striders on a Wise Walk to self-reflect and surface their own feelings and beliefs on a topic

  • Offers stories, perspectives and practical ideas to encourage Striders to make choices and take action with intention

  • Highlights inspiration and anecdotes to activate more joy and appreciation in your life

Podcast Episodes

EP122: Hop Into Harmony

Are you ready to let go and embrace the next season of life? There is new energy waiting for you as the New Year is about new beginnings. You get to start fresh as a new moon. It is time for a clean slate. This episode talks about how to hop into harmony.

EP120: Share Appreciation & Inspire Connection

We as people always seek opportunities to feel connected and find commonality. It doesn’t matter if you’re super outgoing, really shy, or somewhere in between, everyone likes to feel welcomed. This episode talks about how we can inspire human connection in our life.

EP119: Retreat and Renew in New Year

Before you run full speed ahead into the New Year, take one more moment of rest. You’ll need to care for yourself properly and plan rest to show up as your best self. This episode talks about how we retreat and renew in the New Year.

EP118: What’s YOUR 2023 Vision?

As we head into the New Year, have you thought of how you will support the next version of yourself? You may find all the answers you need when you reflect on what your heart, mind, and soul show you. This episode talks about exploring YOUR 2023 Vision.

EP117: Wrap & Unwrap Surprises

Spontaneity and serendipity are like gifts in our lives. They represent the intersection of our True Stride and life’s surprises. All we need to do is be open to the moment. This episode talks about getting ready to wrap and unwrap surprises.

EP116: What Awareness or Shifts Are You Gaining?

Sometimes we feel we have an answer until a moment, situation, or new information prompts us to change our mind. It’s like when you change your restaurant order after seeing a delicious plate delivered to another table. Can you playfully laugh at your evolution as you choose again? This episode talks about what awareness or shifts you gain as you evolve.

EP115: Choose a Guiding Word & Intention

The more we grow and expand, the more we enter new dimensions that have room for the version of ourselves that we currently embrace. Likewise, this upcoming New Year gives us another chance to commit to the next phase of our True Stride. How can we be sure we stay aligned on the next part of our path? This episode talks about choosing a guiding word and intention.

EP114: The Practice of Being

There’s no need to rush. You have absolute permission to slow down and check your reality. Taking time to go inward helps you process perceptions with a new lens and stay aware of what really matters. This episode talks about going inward, creating stillness, and practicing being so you naturally foster more creativity, bliss, and intelligence.

EP113: What’s Good and Harvest Ready?

A harvest is an opportunity to reap what we grew, nurtured and cultivated. During this time of harvest, we give thanks and recognize what you brought to life from the past season or year. This episode talks about looking for what’s good and ready to harvest in your life.

“Mary’s unique perspective, ‘that we’re constantly gaining value as we age’ is brilliant! I now see my value in the ‘sum of all of my experiences, not just my professional accomplishments and personal achievements.’ It’s been a game changer Mary!”

– Jeffrey Shaw
Host of Creative Warriors podcast, TEDx speaker and bestselling author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible.

“I love Mary’s mindful shift from how the external world perceives your value to how you internally feel about your value. It’s refreshing and empowering!”

– Next Incredible Person
SVP Special Violet Petals

“The wisdom beyond my years portion of Mary’s podcast gives me simple phrases and candid examples that ground me to better handle situations in my own life, and they are fun to pass on to my kids when it’s fitting.”

– Anonymous