Read the signs, direct your path and get your stride on!

Without emotional contrast, expansion rarely occurs. Embrace your highs and lows to expand your worth, health and strength!

— Mary Tess Rooney

True Stride Podcast

True Stride is that feeling you get when you are aligned with your heart in all that you do, and feel energized and happy with every step you take. This podcast offers thoughtful conversations to help you realize your True Stride at work, at home, during play and with your community.

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With the idea that realizing your True Stride is a personalized journey, Heart Value expert and fellow Strider, Mary Tess Rooney connects listeners to elevate their value, relationships and joy.

Each weekly episode:

  • Takes Striders on a Wise Walk to self-reflect and surface their own feelings and beliefs on a topic

  • Offers stories, perspectives and practical ideas to encourage Striders to make choices and take action with intention

  • Highlights inspiration and anecdotes to activate more joy and appreciation in your life

Podcast Episodes

EP105: Reuniting & Remembering

As we go through life, there are moments we like to remember, or we occasionally circle back to situations. What happens when years or decades pass? This episode talks about the feelings of reuniting and remembering. I talk about my upcoming high school reunion and other things I’m reconnecting with, such as college friends and hobbies. Come with me as we reflect.

EP104: NO is Empowering

A simple “No” is all you need. It can feel awkward sometimes, but what people don’t realize is that “No” can be freeing and thoughtful. Sometimes you have to say “No” or you’ll be giving less than what you’re capable of being. That’s not good for you or anyone else. This episode talks about how saying “No” is empowering.

EP103: Space to Feel the Feels

Some sensations and emotions remain with us long after the moment passes. Are you allowing yourself to release whatever is stored in your body, heart, and mind? This episode talks about giving yourself space to feel the feels. The 21st Anniversary of September 11th recently happened. I’m actually recording this episode on 9/11/22 after commemorating this significant day at the race hosted by the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. It’s my first time participating at the St. Augustine, FL location around new people. During the event I shared laughter and tears among the community of people gathered for the race. Being together reminded me of how we as a community, and humanity, can unite in kindness.

EP102: Unite in Kindness & Never Forget

I’m here to spend quality solo time with you for EP102’s Wise Walk as we discover our True Stride. I recall how I lived life in NYC before and after September 11th and how kindness wins overall. It’s the feeling that brings us together and the feeling that helps us connect with each other. This episode talks about coming together to unite in kindness and never forgetting the power of community.

EP100: Top Lessons from 100 Episodes

Can you believe True Stride is celebrating 100 episodes? Striders, together, we came far in this journey of joy, reflection, and self-awareness. It’s amazing to think we spent 100 Wise Walks expanding and growing together. 

EP99: Messages to Slow Down

Have you ever noticed how clumsy you seem when you’re in a rush? You’re bumping into things. You’re dropping things. Everything feels off, and it’s not the best timing. This episode talks about messages to slow down.

EP98: The Power of Your Pen

Every individual adds a unique flair to this world we share. Your thoughts, words, and expressions deserve to be celebrated. It’s time to intentionally set a practice of documenting and acknowledging your authentic self. This episode talks about the power of your pen.

EP97: Write Your Story in Your Truest Voice with AJ Harper

Our Heart Value can serve us and others in so many ways. You can transfer a huge amount of encouragement or empowerment by confidently telling the story of your True Stride. This episode talks about how to write your story for the peeps in your life that matter most. My guest today is editor and publishing strategist AJ Harper. AJ and I discuss how you can find your truth and write a story that speaks directly to people who resonate with you.

“Mary’s unique perspective, ‘that we’re constantly gaining value as we age’ is brilliant! I now see my value in the ‘sum of all of my experiences, not just my professional accomplishments and personal achievements.’ It’s been a game changer Mary!”

– Jeffrey Shaw
Host of Creative Warriors podcast, TEDx speaker and bestselling author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible.

“I love Mary’s mindful shift from how the external world perceives your value to how you internally feel about your value. It’s refreshing and empowering!”

– Next Incredible Person
SVP Special Violet Petals

“The wisdom beyond my years portion of Mary’s podcast gives me simple phrases and candid examples that ground me to better handle situations in my own life, and they are fun to pass on to my kids when it’s fitting.”

– Anonymous