Raising your value begins with you! Shift your focus from seeking approval to showcasing your contributions to feel seen, understood and appreciated.

– Mary Tess Rooney


Mary Tess’s message inspires audiences of all kinds to recognize their Heart Value and connect with their True Stride. Exposure to her powerful concepts awakens and motivates individuals to discover their value story, pursue more joy and live their optimal life.

With years of experience in public relations, training, sales, coaching and communications, Mary Tess introduces and leads attendees in a straightforward and authentic style. She delivers a fresh perspective on a person’s value and offers ideas for audiences to see their value, feel appreciated and prioritize fun as they commit to their life’s work.

Each person’s Heart Value is unique to them! It’s theirs to know, communicate and nourish to live their best life. Mary Tess brings a message of empowerment to your audience so they can walk with purpose and realize their True Stride.

Invest in Your Value Vault: Unlock Your Value and Realize Joy

Too often, we serve and deliver value based on external expectations or pressures. We get so focused on serving and pleasing others that we forget to choose opportunities where our value, joy and relationships align. Add a significant career change, life transition or company reorganization to that mix, and we lose sight of how to walk in our truth.

People, companies and organizations are constantly juggling demands that deplete energy and engage emotions. Life is full of twists and turns and we rarely, if ever, give ourselves permission to get off the treadmill to reassess and realign what truly matters to individuals, like you.

Let Mary Tess share her message at your next event or conference and give listeners the insight and tools to unlock their value and realize joy.

Move your attendees from feeling overlooked to overjoyed!

Best Audience

Individuals ready for radical change to embrace their heart-centered value and promote their worth.

Corporate events, schools, community organizations, employee development, associations, annual conferences, meetings, leadership events


Actionable Outcomes

  • Inspire attendees to voice their value! It’s their story to tell.
  • Encouragement to promote their worth in a strategic, tangible and proactive way
  • Resources to support adoption and transformation

Learning Objectives

  • Inspire individuals to connect with the Heart Value, which empowers the company, leadership, teams and employees to perform at optimal levels.
  • Motivate each person to go after their Gold Medal business event, and proudly promote their impact and results.
  • Reinforce the importance of culture and fulfilled people, who perform better and stay longer.