Trying to force something can make a situation worse. Despite your best intentions, you could hold onto tension that you never wanted in the first place. How freeing would it be to learn how to ease back from that stress? This episode talks about how you can let go and feel flow.

After decades of not playing golf, I finally took another chance on the sport. I played the sport before, even taking lessons my mom signed me up for, so I have the fundamentals. People would invite me to play over the years, but I preferred beach volleyball, running, or other sports. My clubs were collecting dust until a friend and I went to play golf together.

I’m here to spend quality solo time with you for EP146’s Wise Walk as we discover our True Stride. My friend and I had a blast and playing reminded me of the positive aspects of golf: being in nature, enjoying each moment, breathing and taking my time, focusing on one stroke at a time. I found myself remembering to ease into the moment.

On our Wise Walk, I talk about releasing tension that comes from holding onto situations too tightly. Since I hadn’t played golf in a while, I made sure I was kind to myself and just noticed what surfaced for me. Some muscle memory came back, but I had forgotten some of the mechanics as well as the feel for how to hold the club and follow through. I noticed that I was gripping the club too tightly and that action was not serving me. Likewise, I hope you all can loosen your grip if it doesn’t serve you and allow life to flow naturally. Come with me as we reflect on these Wise Walk questions:

    • Where in your life are you holding on to something too tightly?
    • If you feel that tightness, what is that resistance trying to tell you?
    • What tension can you release to fully step into your power and realize your potential in different ways?
    • If you’re experiencing tension, can you reflect on why you’re holding on so tightly?
    • Is any part of the situation serving you or others involved?
    • Can you loosen your grip and make room for aligned energy to manifest?

Being rigid can create unnecessary pressure. It’s not the healthiest way to manage life and doesn’t serve you in the long run.

If you hold onto anything too tightly, that impedes your forward progress to being your best and highest self. Feel the flow with these Wise Walk questions:

    • Where in life are you attached to an identity or certain way of doing things?
    • Where in life can you relax into a new practice or habit?
    • If you suffer from holding onto control, can you give yourself space to let things unfold more naturally?
    • Can you trust others to step up in a way that supports and delights you?

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In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[02:36] – Mary Tess feels that golf can be a magical sport after playing with a friend recently.

[04:54] – Sometimes we don’t realize we’re holding onto tension. What happens when we learn to let go?

[07:26] – Can you loosen your grip on a situation and make room for aligned energy to manifest?

[09:21] – Mary Tess talks about learning to let go and get more into flow as she recalls writing her book Heart Value.

[11:18] – Where in life can you relax into a new habit?

[13:31] – Can you trust others to step up in a way that supports and delights you?

[15:24] – Mary Tess is back to taking golf lessons. How are things going?

[17:01] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “When we let go, we can let everything else flow and come through us and come to us.” – Mary Tess


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