Time is always moving. From year to year, what has changed the most for you? This episode talks about past year reflections.

Next week, August 31 marks the day a healthy and happy 10 lb 13 oz baby girl was born… that was me. Every time my bday comes around, I get very introspective about the past year I lived. I also start to think about the year to come. It helps me hold myself accountable to wonder if I’m living intentionally, what are the big developments I made, and what do I need to change.

I’m here to spend quality solo time with you for EP152’s Wise Walk as we discover our True Stride. I want to do this year’s reflections as a two-part episode so we can have this experience together. Today, we’ll ask ourselves about the past year and where we’ve been. Next week, we’ll look at intentions for the next year and what that looks like in action.

On our Wise Walk, I talk about reflecting on how we showed up for the past year. We can rewrite our story at any given time, but we should know where we came from so we can make more aligned choices going forward. Come with me as we reflect on these Wise Walk questions:

    • As you review the past 12 months of your life, do you feel younger or older than your age?
    • Are you taking care of yourself so you can be your best self at any age?
    • What else in life are you nurturing: your relationships, your profession, your education, or your interests?
    • Do you see examples from the past year of time you nurtured yourself well?

Regardless of the years gone by, my birthday has always represented a moment for me to take stock of who I am, where I wanna go, and what I truly feel called to do in life.

Reflect on what you’ve learned this past year so you can confidently step back into your power for the next chapter. Prepare to move beyond this year with these Wise Walk questions:

    • Are there things you need to let go of to be your best self?
    • What are ways you can incorporate fun into your life?
    • How are you getting creative to show up for yourself and others?
    • As you think about the past 12 months, what has surprised you the most?
    • As you think about that surprise, what lessons has it taught you?
    • What makes those moments memorable?
    • How are you reclaiming your power?

Join this inspiring community to uncover a new sense of freedom, and be sure to follow and review the True Stride podcast as we continue to exchange our light and Heart Value with each other.


In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[02:20] – Mary Tess explains how this two part episode series will play out.

[05:24] – What age does Mary Tess feel?

[07:52] – When you take care of yourself, you have more energy to live intentionally.

[09:09] – Mary Tess talks about being adventurous the past year by going out more and trying new experiences.

[11:58] – Mary Tess shares a big lesson she learned every time she spoke her truth.

[14:46] – As you think about the past 12 months, what has surprised you the most?

[16:36] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “We should be able to be ourselves and be with people who love and support us.” – Mary Tess


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