Communication involves energy, especially in dynamics where you don’t speak. Learning to communicate within a dynamic can change the level of trust everyone develops. This episode talks about relationship rides and intuition.

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a little while, you know that I love horses. I started taking lessons a few years ago, and I’ve been riding on and off. These days I’m comfortable with my skill set. Each time I interact with the beautiful horses, I learn something new about myself.

I’m here to spend quality solo time with you for EP155’s Wise Walk as we discover our True Stride. Anytime I work with a new horse, I go into it knowing we have to build trust in this relationship. Horses have a heightened sense of intuition to help them survive, so there is a period of getting to know each other. It almost feels like I’m being held accountable for my energy as I interact with them.

On our Wise Walk, I talk about relationship rides and intuition. Each participant brings an energy into the dynamic, and it helps to be mindful of how that energy shows up. Come with me as we reflect on these Wise Walk questions:

    • How are you showing up to your different relationships?
    • Are you using your intuition?
    • If you are using your intuition, do you hold yourself accountable for the energy you bring to the dynamic?
    • Do you take time to ask questions when a dynamic feels off?
    • If you’re energy is off, can you communicate where you’re at clearly?

If something in a dynamic feels off, trust your intuition to ask questions. You can open a conversation to uncover what’s possibly happening. 

Let’s be open to remaining fully present and communicating in relationships. Trust your feelings and communicate clearly with these Wise Walk questions:

    • What types of relationship rides are you seeking and inviting into your life?
    • As you show up in that relationship, do you keep an open heart for honest communication?
    • Are all participants in the dynamic listening to each other?
    • As you get in alignment, are you acknowledging the good of keeping open communication?

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In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[02:14] – How are you showing up to your different relationships in life?

[04:32] – Mary Tess talks about when dynamics start to shift in relationships.

[07:21] – Do you take time to ask questions when a dynamic feels off?

[09:23] – Trust is essential in relationships.

[11:44] – Mary Tess talks about figuring out new ways to communicate when dealing with different dynamics.

[14:24] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “All relationships are this give and take. We have to trust our feelings. We have to be willing to read the situation with an open heart and open mind.” – Mary Tess


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