When someone enters your life and creates conflict or awkwardness, do you ever wonder if they were placed in your path so you could learn a valuable lesson and expand? We all cross paths with negativity, but it’s how we respond to it that matters. How can we take responsibility for our own energetic maintenance? Now is a good moment for a Wise Walk.

On the True Stride podcast, we take a Wise Walk to slow down and check our reality. True Stride is that feeling you get when you’re aligned in your heart with all that you do, and you feel energized and happy with each and every step that you take. I’m your host, Mary Tess Rooney, and I connect with Michelle J. Lamont on our Wise Walk for this guest episode.

Michelle J. Lamont contributes to the world as a motivational speaker, life coach, mindfulness expert, Manifestation guru, PR professional, author, and podcast host of Manifesting Miracles. She is a life-long entrepreneur who started her first business at 8 years old, wasn’t afraid to keep her dreams alive while working at Domino’s pizza, and continued to strive even after she built a million-dollar company. Michelle can say she interviewed Oprah Winfrey, was named DFW Women’s “Influence” award winner, and appeared on numerous TV networks. On our Wise Walk, Michelle and I share our thoughts on these questions and more:

      • If you’re energetically off track, how can you regroup and get back on track?
      • What’s one practice you can incorporate into your life to get you grounded in nature and meditation?
      • Where can you slow down and take time to interpret your actions as an energy or frequency that can teach a lesson?
      • What can you do to nurture and recharge your energy?

Michelle helps people break mental barriers they didn’t even know they had. Building a new mindset allows people to not react to life, but to create life. In this episode, I want to explore how our mindset really comes into play, how people’s energy affects everything we do, and how to prevent unwanted energy from affecting us.

Take a Wise Walk with us to uncover a new sense of freedom and explore what it looks like to move forward within an inspiring community.


In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[02:35] – Michelle J. Lamont helps people to step into the creator role for their life to flourish.

[04:05] – Michelle gives details regarding the upbringing she experienced, starting from being dropped off at an orphanage as a child.

[05:38] – Using the power of affirming words, Michelle got her childhood bully to open up to her.

[08:05] – After Michelle’s bully opened up, Michelle says she decided to not end up like her bully.

[10:57] – Michelle points out past hurdles she needed to develop past. She spends time explaining her journey through a low vibrational romantic relationship.

[13:54] – This is the request Michelle made to turn her life around. She talks about the changes she witnessed.

[16:50] – Listen to Michelle talk through what she discovered about energy and existing on earth.

[19:30] – Michelle says to focus on shifting through emotions when feeling stuck.

[22:23] – It’s possible to block growth by misinterpreting energy and growing pains.

[23:54] – People that cause conflict along our path are also on a journey. By remembering this, it’s easier to give others grace.

[25:20] – Take responsibility of your personal energy, and understand how to deal with external energy.

[28:04] – Michelle mentions three strategies that increase the ability to be more intentional, aware, and proactive.

[31:50] – Connecting with nature rebalances the energy in your system.

[34:08] – Michelle suggests everyone starts the day off with appreciation and what happens when this becomes a habit.

[36:30] – What is the difference between appreciation and gratitude?

[39:22] – I talk about the difference between the validation of value and the appreciation of value.

[41:20] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “Nobody’s ever really angry at you. They’re angry at themselves and you’re the target of it.” – Michelle
  • “Whatever our mindset is, if it’s on this negative spiral, that’s what we’re carrying forward.” – Mary Tess
  • “When you’re stuck in a chapter that looks cloudy, go to the next vibration possible.” – Michelle
  • “When we think about being ‘mindful’: What is the energy we’re stepping into, and how are we introspective on it?” – Mary Tess


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