The key to shifting our energies, regardless of gender, is to honor our emotional and energetic vibrations so we evolve with our feelings (instead of ignoring or resisting them).

Joe Hawley, our guest for EP57’s Wise Walk, has inspired me for several years with his ability to follow his heart and stay open to the Universe’s signs and paths that call him. I even mentioned him in my book, HEART VALUE, because his brave example encouraged me during a time I needed it.

On the True Stride podcast, we take a Wise Walk to slow down and check our reality. True Stride is that feeling you get when you’re aligned in your heart with all that you do, and you feel energized and happy with each and every step that you take. I’m your host, Mary Tess Rooney, and I connect with Joe Hawley on this episode. You definitely want to listen!!

Joe Hawley brings value through his writing, speaking, coaching, and hosting the Quantum Coffee Podcast. He played Offensive Line in the NFL for 8 seasons with both the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then in 2017, Joe walked away from football for a journey to self discovery. In 2020, he founded the Härt Collective, an online community and group coaching program for former athletes.

On our Wise Walk, Joe and I talk about releasing our “shoulds, ought-tos and what ifs,” and giving ourselves the “freedom to choose again.” We discuss how taking time for yourself nurtures you so that you have more to give this world. 

Joe shares his insights and a tool to drop into your heart-center to gain awareness and support your nervous system. We share our thoughts on these questions and more:

      • What do you fear and how does that limit you?
      • Where in your life are you settling for less, and as a result, feeling resistance?
      • Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?

We also explore how situations from a young age can affect our nervous system development, which influences how we interact and interpret the world. Tune in to hear ways to:

      • Fully express and release energy
      • Identify unhealthy stored energy to prevent taking on other people’s experiences
      • Courageously move forward to meet the magical experiences ahead

Join this inspiring community to uncover a new sense of freedom, and be sure to follow Joe as he continues to spread his bright light and Heart Value with others.


In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[03:18] – Joe Hawley gives the bullet points of his journey to self discovery after being a professional athlete.

[06:06] – How does the Härt Collective flip the script on the topic of men’s emotional health?

[07:58] – Joe discusses the early development of the nervous system influencing how people interact and interpret the world.

[10:42] – Instead of externalizing our experience, drop-in by being in awareness through stillness.

[12:19] – Follow along as we slowly bring awareness into this present moment. PART 1: Happy Place.

[14:57] – Follow along as we slowly bring awareness into this present moment. PART 2: Facing Fear.

[16:43] – Joe says society would benefit from feeling more into the nervous system and developing tools to manage life in real time.

[19:00] – Feel from a place of abundance.

[21:38] – If you take time for yourself, you have more to give the world.

[24:20] – Notice what stories you are telling yourself, and notice the feelings around those stories.

[26:54] – When it comes to your comfort zone, it can slowly suffocate you. What does Joe suggest for expanding the comfort zone?

[28:52] – Joe talks about learning to reframe, lean-in more, and connect to somatic experiences.

[31:21] – Humans have an ability to choose how to perceive an experience. How can we become an observer?

[34:02] – Joe talks about not taking on other people’s experiences, and Mary Tess explores the mindfulness of lovingly releasing energy that’s not needed.

[36:34] – Joe encourages people to reflect on the “should” and “shouldn’t” labels they place in their life.

[38:30] – Joe shares a personal story of addressing his true internal feelings after settling for less.

[40:58] – Mary Tess and Joe discuss the calmer understanding of impermanence and a sense of urgency.

[43:34] – Mary Tess and Joe explain going through the risks and gaining the benefits that come from Expansion Experiences.

[46:08] – Joe reflects on how his family dynamics played into his romantic relationships.

[48:58] – What was the realization Joe gathered from his last romantic relationship?

[50:52] – Mary Tess discusses finding energetic equals as people progress through life.

[53:37] – Joe expresses his thoughts on the continual process of forging a path to new experiences.

[56:07] – Joe creates space for people to drop into their hearts and share their experiences.

[57:33] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “It takes deep work to heal past experiences that activate your nervous system in these unconscious ways. We all have our experiences of life that shape the lens in which we view reality.” – Joe
  • “We know when we’re in our Stride, and we know when we’re not. So, how do we more consciously and intentionally appreciate those moments of True Stride and try to replicate them?” – Mary Tess
  • “Impermanence is the only absolute truth I found in this life.” – Joe
  • “I don’t believe anything is a failure. I believe it is designed to help us expand, and the added benefit of that on an emotional level is that when you encounter those moments of challenge, stress, or impact, you know that you want more for yourself.” – Mary Tess


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