Are you fully addressing yourself as you are? When you can take a look at your habits, your challenges, and your truth, you can conquer what lies ahead of you. Like a Navy Seal, you can perform no matter the resistance that comes your way. This episode talks about how a Navy Seal mindset supports your life with today’s special guest William Branum.

Health and wellness is extremely important, mentally, physically and environmentally. In my own journey, I constantly seek what will support my overall well being, even if I must consciously choose to explore options outside of what is presented to me. William is someone that shares the belief around taking care of our minds and bodies. He consistently strives for high-performance and has discovered what works best for him and many others.

William Branum, retired Navy SEAL and former SEAL Sniper Instructor, is the founder and CEO of Naked Warrior Recovery. Naked Warrior Recovery aims to develop high quality CBD products to support physical and mental recovery through innovation and excellence. William uses his knowledge of health, wellness, and CBD to provide options that can help people address mental and physical concerns. One of Naked Warrior Recovery’s major efforts is to create products that can supply mental and physical assistance to veterans and first responders.

On our Wise Walk, William and I share thoughts on the mindset that can get people to do the work and take the actions that are necessary to do the work. William brings his lessons from dealing with his own baggage and trauma to help people “Get N.A.K.E.D!” and live more authentic lives. Join this conversation to reflect on these Wise Walk questions and more:

      • How are you choosing to support your body and mental health?
      • What habits and actions deliver the lifestyle and high-performance you seek?
      • Are you honoring that you are the expert on you?

William is a true advocate for taking action when you see opportunity. It’s a way to give yourself small victories to stay grounded and inspired.

Listen as William speaks on health and wellness, the transition from Navy Seal to civilian, trauma management, and habit development. Recognize your habits, the good and bad, to learn how to better handle how you show up for yourself and others with these Wise Walk questions:

      • What are your habits, whether good or bad?
      • What new habit do you want to create?

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In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[03:20] – What lights up William Branum?

[04:57] – William shares the early backstory of his journey from Navy SEAL to founder of a CBD company.

[07:49] – William gives an example of taking an opportunity when you see it, instead of letting it pass by. Why is it important to voice your value?

[10:19] – Everyone has baggage. William expresses his thoughts on dealing with baggage and trauma. 

[12:24] – William talks about exploring new methods for addressing his baggage to transition out of relying on alcohol.

[14:48] – What made Willliam want to learn more about CBD?

[17:11] – What conversation inspired William to start his own company?

[19:36] – William discusses the hemp plant in relation to the body, health, and wellness.

[21:36] – What does CBD do inside your body?

[24:10] – Mary Tess explores the importance of product quality, accountability, and transparency.

[25:46] – William explains why his company values testing and ensuring high quality products for consumers.

[27:36] – Mary Tess says she is always looking for what will support herself.

[30:00] – William shares how CBD benefited his life. How does CBD impact his day to day?

[31:57] – William talks about sleep, health, and wellness.

[34:05] – Can CBD be used in energy drinks?

[36:41] – William shares real stories of people that also benefited from CBD.

[38:31] – How are you taking care of yourself?

[40:46] – William highlights the skill of acknowledging habits that help or hurt you and how to better manage life.

[42:26] – Mary Tess encourages everyone to be kind to themselves in the process of addressing old habits and baggage.

[44:08] – Improvement is incremental and so is healing.

[45:55] – What does William think about transitioning from the military to becoming a civilian?

[48:44] – How can people prepare for these major transitions in life? Plan, discuss, and practice the transition before executing the plan.

[50:03] – Naked Warrior Recovery aims to support veterans and first responders in terms of mental and physical health.

[00:51:35] – Never quit on yourself, and give yourself small victories.

[00:54:16] – Be ready to Accept failure. Failures build a foundation and help you expand.

[00:57:10] – Step away from and Kill mediocrity. Expose your fear and Do the work. That’s the NAKED Mindset.

[00:59:43] – What did a friend of William’s say that might help people deal with fear?

[01:01:09] – Do the work, and take the action that is necessary to do the work.

[01:02:35] – What happens when you take action and are honest? 

[01:04:54] – Mary Tess reflects on the power of getting the tools to better communicate your truth.

[01:07:24] – William lives by the principles he is encouraging others to adopt. What are his fears?

[01:10:08] – What was Will’s solution to his fears? Listen to how he crushed his fears after exposing them.

[01:13:08] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “We all have ‘baggage’. It doesn’t matter if you’re a trained hardened warrior, a single stay-at-home mom, or a real estate agent. It doesn’t matter. We all have baggage.” – William
  • “We all intuitively know that our body is calling for something that would benefit from more nourishment, or more space to heal.” – Mary Tess
  • “Create small victories in your life. Every time you create a small victory, it’s going to help you in your mind, and also in your heart, because you just won for the day.” – William
  • “Our minds are powerful, and data and strategy is powerful, but all of us have this heart that is central to everything we do. If we take the time to listen to it, and we take the time to really follow it, then there is really not as much fear.” – Mary Tess


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