Every experience invites us to be present and aware of our energy and emotions so we can make informed choices and take intentional actions. Often we want to support someone else, and show up for them, but we also have to be aware that they are managing their emotions and energy at that moment. When we feel unaligned (with ourselves or others), we need to pause, breathe and pivot to create connection within and notice our new choices. With reflection and awareness, we can avoid being so stuck or rigid that we don’t have the ability to pivot. This episode talks about breathing into your choices and outcomes for our highest good.

I remember helping out a friend with some housework and needing to breathe through a moment together when our perspectives didn’t sync. My friend is very exact about her vision of getting things done, which is fine, but her vision does not overthrow my commitment to honor my feelings. Breathing through that moment reminded me of today’s guest, Anna Tansley.

Anna Tansley is a kundalini yoga teacher and entrepreneur on a mission to inspire and help people recognize their sovereignty and their power. She does this through bringing awareness to our daily choices, getting clear on the direction we want to go, and aligning those choices to the outcome we ultimately want to experience. Her brand Choices + Outcomes shares yogic tools and technology to create an elevated, more fulfilling experience of life by adding more energy to the mind-body system, reprogramming the subconscious, and training the nervous system. She also has a clothing line in the works that will deliver the Choices + Outcomes mission through a new medium.

On EP 76’s Wise Walk, Anna and I explore why we consistently outsource our intuition to external perspectives and how we can honor what we feel inside. Anna is a person who walked this journey of giving herself the freedom to choose again and make different choices to get different outcomes in her life. Join this conversation to reflect on these Wise Walk questions and more:

      • What is truthful to you?
      • What is expanding in you in this moment?
      • What do you notice about what is revealed to you?
      • Is there something useful about the truth you noticed?

Anna achieved her dream life, then started to reflect on what her world had become. She decided that her life, though she achieved all the things she “wanted”, could have more fulfillment. Something pulled at her heart strings to discover more.

Breathing practices activate your heart and help you be present. Moments where you slow down provide a chance to regulate your own pace and experience. Taking time to breathe amplifies awareness, and awareness is a gift. Come back to yourself and your breath with these Wise Walk questions:

      • Am I making choices in the direction of my desired outcome?
      • As you look at today, in this moment, what have you done to connect with your breath?
      • What have you done to slow down and really drop in to activate your heart?
      • What practices are you willing to incorporate daily to come back to yourself?

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In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[03:22] – Anna Tansley’s childhood dream was to live in New York City.

[05:47] – What did Anna think after achieving her childhood dream?

[07:26] – Anna recalls a peer mentor’s career switch that shocked her. What did Anna think? 

[10:17] – When you feel something calling you, it is a service to yourself to follow it.

[12:38] – Practice slowing down the breath.

[15:05] – Mary Tess talks about slowing down to notice what comes up as you regulate your pace and experience.

[17:06] – Listen to Anna explain kundalini yoga. It’s the yoga of awareness.

[20:00] – Can yoga help you disrupt the patterns woven in your subconscious?

[22:42] – Most humans unknowingly breathe incorrectly.

[25:08] – Focus on moving to a more beneficial thought stream.

[27:52] – A breathing practice can help ground you again.

[29:37] – When you connect with your internal world, the external world will change to respond to you.

[32:27] – Which tools can help someone ground themselves during decision-making?

[35:14] – You need to do what’s right for you.

[36:59] – People will often give you advice based on their own lens, and sometimes that is not a good fit.

[38:51] – Wisdom comes from the experience of information. How can you use this to direct your True Stride?

[41:16] – There is space for people to merge their intuition with practicality.

[43:22] – Use your awareness to move you forward.

[45:05] – Do you want to try a kundalini practice?

[47:51] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “The more you have control and sovereignty over that internal environment, the external environment does have to change in order to respond to you.” – Anna 
  • “We are fully expressive individuals, and we don’t have to fit in some container. We don’t have to limit our expansion because of society’s constructs.” – Mary Tess


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