Life will toss you into moments that feel like they’re more than you can bear or feel very disorienting. Living those experiences causes us to expand far beyond what we normally experience. By staying present and aware of our intentions, we can make it through. This episode talks about building resilience.

I went to yoga for the first time in a very long time. When I first arrived for yoga, no one was there. Worries came up about what was wrong, but then I decided to make the most of the experience. I did yoga myself and this small choice helped me get back on track with how I wanted to experience the world, step by step. I honored my intention, myself, and my resolve to get back into yoga. As a spoiler, people did show up for yoga later on; I’ll tell you the entire story in the episode. 

I’m here to spend quality solo time with you for EP87’s Wise Walk as we discover our True Stride. I explore what it means to build resilience as an individual and as a community. We can build resilience in all aspects of life, such as hardships, relationships, professional life, and more. We can face these unexpected detours by taking one step at a time and showing up for ourselves. It depends on how we consciously choose to flow through times of building resilience.

On our Wise Walk, I discuss why you need to pace yourself to get back into the flow of life and build resilience. Change is hard, but we can conquer resistance when we acknowledge our feelings and do the work to choose a new path. Come with me as we reflect on these Wise Walk questions:

    • Where in your life are you building resilience in yourself, for yourself?
    • Where do you feel resistance, and is there a way to show up for yourself?
    • As you consciously decide to show up for yourself, are you able to be present and notice what emotional or physical triggers surface?
    • How do you feel on this journey to building resilience that moves you in the direction you want to go?

The next time your life seems chaotic or off balance, I hope you can see the opportunity to build resilience for yourself. Recognizing those moments allows you to become more flexible to the detours of life.

Resilience is not always something you must go through alone. There are times where reaching out to loved ones, friends, or others in your support system can form a collective effort of resilience. Together, you are able to set your eyes on the bigger picture and be each other’s strength while you figure out how to show up. Choose how to move forward in collective resilience with these Wise Walk questions:

    • In the areas of life where you feel alone, is there an opportunity to reach out to your community to ask for help?
    • As you reach out to your community, do you have clarity in how you want them to show up for you?
    • What can you do for yourself to move away from fear-based thinking to a mindset of possibility?

Join this inspiring community to uncover a new sense of freedom, and be sure to follow and review the True Stride podcast as we continue to exchange our light and Heart Value with each other.


In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[02:10] – Move through the motions as you build resilience.

[03:52] – Where can you build resilience?

[06:39] – How can you remain flexible in resilience?

[09:36] – Mary Tess explains why you need to pace yourself to get back into the flow of life and build resilience.

[12:27] – Deciding to build resilience together.

[15:23] – Rebuild with a nurturing perspective and grace.

[18:12] – Let’s keep our eyes on the possibilities!

[20:26] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “Building resilience is in everything we do in life, and how we show up in all aspects of our life.” – Mary Tess


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