The daily ability to self-reflect and apply what you learn or discover to your everyday life is sexy. No doubt about it. You take time to self-reflect every week with the True Stride podcast, so YOU are sexy. This episode celebrates your sexy self-reflection.

I had a chat with a friend who met a new dude and, from what I heard, it’s going well so far. When I asked what had her so jazzed about the guy she’s seeing, my friend said she likes that he’s really good at self-reflection. She thinks it’s sexy. He’s honoring who he is and presenting himself in a way that others can get to know who he is. Honestly, it’s understandable that self-reflection and self-awareness are attractive traits.

I’m here to spend quality solo time with you for EP94’s Wise Walk as we discover our True Stride. Let’s evaluate how sexy we are for taking time to self-reflect and look at what that does for us as individuals and what that does for people around us. What we say “yes” and “no” to creates space for opportunities to align with the activities, people, and experiences we want.

On our Wise Walk, I explore how self-reflection allows you to key-in on who you are and who you want to be. I also talk about how it helps you share that connection to yourself with others. Come with me as we reflect on these Wise Walk questions:

    • Do you currently take time to celebrate and honor the sexy self-reflection in you?
    • How often in your life are you self-reflecting?
    • Are you training your self-reflection muscle so it becomes a natural reflex?
    • If you are using it regularly, how has self-reflection changed your life and your connections with others?
    • Where in your life are you noticing those opportunities that you’re saying “heck yes,” or those opportunities where you’re hesitant?
    • In those hesitant moments, can you give yourself the opportunity to say “no”, to make room for more “heck yes“ moments?
    • With each day, can you take time to self-reflect on how experiences make you feel?
    • When you feel off, can you say “no” to bring yourself back into alignment, and say “yes” to opportunities that attract more of what you want?

You are unique. We’re all unique, and we all need different things at different times. Self-reflection helps you stand in your truth so that you’re following the path that is best for you.

The time you take to be with yourself will nourish your True Stride. Celebrate and appreciate who you are and who you are becoming with these Wise Walk questions:

    • Where are you self-reflecting and listening to your body?
    • Where do you notice that you need some time to recover or heal?
    • How often in your life are you taking time to honor your body’s messages to yourself?
    • Are you self-reflecting on the messages your body sends, and are you taking action on those messages?
    • How are you adopting the cues you get from self-reflection about showing up for yourself?
    • When you are asked a question, will you give yourself the space in that moment to see where your answers lead you?
    • Will you see an opportunity to create an intimate connection with the person asking you the question?
    • Can we vulnerably share the origins of our behaviors and beliefs so that someone else can know us on a deeper level?

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In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[02:33] – Mary Tess talks about being connected to who you are and what you want in life.

[05:16] – Mary Tess looks at the flip side of our reaction to what gives us energy and what doesn’t. 

[07:55] – Sleep is so healing and nourishing.

[10:17] – Our body gives us clues of what we need.

[11:44] – Mary Tess reflects on this particular habit she does when she goes out to eat with friends. PART 1

[14:08] – Mary Tess reflects on this particular habit she does when she goes out to eat with friends. PART 2

[17:19] – Self-reflect to give gratitude.

[19:40] – Celebrate and appreciate who you are and who you are becoming.

[21:20] – What do you need more of?

[23:00] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “If I know what I want and what I don’t want, and if I can communicate that clearly to myself and those around me, I’m going to keep attracting those people and activities that do light me up.” – Mary Tess
  • “We have the opportunity to stand in our truth, to become more of who we are and who we’re meant to be, and to let other people see us shine that light on ourselves and the direction we want to go.” – Mary Tess


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