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Feel-Choose-Act Amplifier

Heart Value Practices

If you feel disconnected from your heart’s calling or confused about what lights you up, I have a valuable gift for you!

Click here to make an investment in yourself and apply my Feel-Choose-Act Amplifier practice to lead with your heart and experience more joy!!

In my book, Heart Value, and during Dawn Calvinisti’s As Good As It Gets Summit, I share Heart Value practices with participants to help them break free from external pressures to attain more meaning, connection and fulfillment in life. Teaching and speaking about heart-centered alignment – to go after what YOU REALLY want – lights me up so I’m honored to share it with you!!

When this Feel-Choose-Act Amplifier is consistently exercised, you will strengthen your ability to honor your feelings, evaluate your choices and take intentional action.

It’s free to access so enjoy and let me know what became possible for you!!