What daily habits elevate your Joy Frequency? How can you cultivate authentic joy? The truth is that you have the freedom to choose, the freedom to choose again, and the power to connect with others in a circle of trust. Now is a good moment for a Wise Walk.

On the True Stride podcast, we take a Wise Walk to slow down and check our reality. True Stride is that feeling you get when you’re aligned in your heart with all that you do, and you feel energized and happy with each and every step that you take. I’m your host, Mary Tess Rooney, and I connect with Leigh Farrow on our Wise Walk for this guest episode.

Leigh Farrow contributes to the world with a leadership career spanning multibillion-dollar corporations in the media, advertising, and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industries. Her experiences enable her to empower those around her with her writing and Animated Wisdom speaker series. Leigh is a super special guest that was here a year ago for episode 18 when launching her book “Leadership Nuts”. On our Wise Walk, Leigh and I share our thoughts on these questions and more:

      • Are you investing in your Value Vault?
      • Are you voicing your value, and how is that supporting you in your day-to-day activities?
      • Are you prioritizing fun in your day-to-day activities and elevating your Joy Frequency?
      • Are you supporting yourself with a circle of trust that can nourish and encourage you?
      • What’s the energy that you are transferring and receiving throughout your experiences that influence your heart-aligned actions?

Leigh and I both resonate with the journey of publishing a book. Regardless of any challenges, we can celebrate the perseverance and vulnerability of completing a project. We found community in each other as we faced a similar journey. What lights you up is not always a lifelong commitment, but a period to continue to own your story, choices, and intentions. How are you choosing to voice your value?

Take a Wise Walk with us to uncover a new sense of freedom and explore what it looks like to move forward within an inspiring community.


In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[01:55] – Leigh talks about the parallels between Mary Tess’ creative story and her own journey.

[04:07] – Leigh shares about the 100-day project of a mosaic brick wall to get into a creative flow.

[06:01] – Regardless of any challenges, Mary Tess and Leigh can celebrate the perseverance and vulnerability of completing a project.

[08:45] – Leigh talks about how she connects to the idea of “voicing your value”.

[11:32] – Listen to Mary Tess explain why there is an emotional connection to “voicing your value”. 

[14:08] – Learning to voice your value means you reclaim your power and cultivate a circle of trust.

[16:30] – Mary Tess and Leigh discuss why the Sun is a poetic example of trust. How can you tell if a relationship belongs in your circle of trust?

[18:37] – People have more freedom to choose than they realize. Mary candidly speaks about choosing to hold onto her intentions when navigating her author journey.

[20:12] – Mary Tess and Leigh tell personal stories of moments where they decide to “choose again” in the face of resistance.

[21:43] – How can you intentionally choose habits to elevate your Joy Frequency?

[24:42] – Mary Tess and Leigh discuss how to approach decisions around living an intentional life.

[27:11] – Are you mindful of the energy you bring to each step of your True Stride?

[29:26] – Despite the good intentions of others, remember to celebrate success on your own terms.

[32:02] – Make informed choices that are authentic and watch them unfold. Listen to Leigh explain the power of documenting your intentions.

[34:21] – Mary Tess shares time spent on creating a vision board for her book to illustrate her intentions.

[37:12] – Mary Tess talks about how Striders and guests fuel and inspire her growth as everyone walks on this adventure together.

[39:51] – Leigh describes how her book “Leadership Nuts” can benefit Striders, such as the 52 different topics that readers can leverage.

[43:47] – Mary Tess comments that “Leadership Nuts” can also be helpful with having a playful approach to fun and tough conversations.

[46:02] – Mary talks about Strider’s language and creating community around words to express our journey.

[47:48] – Join the book club experience! Mary dives into how the book club will give a more intimate experience.

[50:38] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “When you honor your value, you approach life with such a different lens.” – Leigh
  • “I know that everybody goes about it differently; and there’s nothing wrong with anyone else’s strategies, or plans, or visions, but I do think it’s important for us to define success on our own terms. Honor it and see how it plays out” – Mary Tess
  • “It’s so important to hold fast to what you see as your vision and to not let people deter you from it. You allow for input and you allow for commentary, but at some point, you also hold your hand up and say, ‘Okay. That was enough. I’ve got this. I feel good about this. I own whatever happens. It’s mine.’” – Leigh
  • “Take heart-aligned action.” – Mary Tess


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