What is possible with 10 minutes a day for 100 days or a word intention? What might you experience, create or receive? Imagine if you had a chance to create each day, and transformed the way you connect with the world. This episode talks about how committed intention can change your worldview with today’s special guest Leigh Farrow.

This year feels like a clean slate and full of possibilities. People are still pivoting in life, but finally becoming stronger, more resilient, and more comfortable with processing and navigating their reality. When we take time to set our intentions and commit to showing up, we can shift our reality of what’s possible. Small, consistent acts add up and shape our present and future. Our guest today will help us discover how we can do just that without burning ourselves out.

Leigh Farrow, author of Leadership Nuts and Animated Wisdom speaker, is a creative powerhouse. Leigh is a friend and fellow Strider who is back again to talk about setting consistent intentions. 

On our Wise Walk, Leigh and I share thoughts on committing to an intention, and we explore how to experiment with that commitment. Most of this episode talks about the Word of the Year and the 100 Day Project as tools we can use to playfully align with our True Stride. Likewise, we discuss giving ourselves grace between letting go of negative feelings and addressing negative feelings. Join this conversation to reflect on these Wise Walk questions and more:

      • How committed are you to intentionally living out your word?
      • Did you thoughtfully choose how your word will add to your life?
      • When will you use your word throughout the day?
      • Is there a feeling you are hoping to create by being aware of this word?

Our body is meant to be in alignment, so it’s only right that we cultivate a world around us that supports us. Honoring creativity and intentional effort can open a path for you to step into your True Stride. How do you envision your new self growing and evolving as a result of your word and your commitment to yourself?

Everything that we do is a creative expression. As we discuss allowing creativity to unfold organically, and deciding to commit to an intention, ask yourself these Wise Walk questions:

      • What creative talent do you want to exercise and make stronger or bring to light in a new way?
      • What and how are you being playful with your discovery process?
      • Is there anything interesting to you that you want to learn?
      • How are you carving out time to make space for your creative gifts and abilities?

Join this inspiring community to uncover a new sense of freedom, and be sure to follow and review the True Stride podcast as we continue to exchange our light and Heart Value with each other.

You can listen to previous conversations with Leigh Farrow in Episode 18 and Episode 56.


In this episode:

[00:23] – Welcome to the show!

[01:22] – Leigh Farrow says that we get stronger and more resilient as we get more comfortable with how we process and navigate our reality.

[03:37] – Mary Tess and Leigh reflect on doing another round of the 100 Day Project during this year.

[05:17] – What is Leigh’s Word of the Year?

[07:28] – Mary Tess and Leigh discuss giving yourself grace between letting go and addressing negative feelings.

[09:46] – People, by nature, lean towards the negative. How can we be more aware of this?

[12:22] – Mary Tess shares with Leigh why she chose the word “Gift” for this year and the results so far.

[15:14] – Since no one is a mind reader, opt to give people grace and space.

[17:45] – How did Mary Tess let go and give grace in a situation that was one bad thing after the other?

[20:44] – What is the 100 Day Project?

[22:51] – Leigh shares her previous 100 Day Project that became a wall art installation and how she pivoted during that time.

[25:16] – Everything that we’re doing is potentially a creative expression.

[27:36] – What is Leigh thinking of doing for this year’s 100 Day Project?

[29:41] – Mary Tess explains why it can be helpful to have a broader aim that you can sustain for the 100 Day Project.

[32:20] – What is Mary Tess thinking of doing for this year’s 100 Day Project?

[34:07] – Leigh explores how people from all over the world can connect through sharing and witnessing the 100 Day Project.

[36:59] – Mary Tess talks about using daily intention in showing up for the Word of the Year.

[38:30] – Leigh gives her thoughts on how to incorporate the Word of the Year into your life regularly.

[40:26] – Continue to be you and show up.

[42:50] – How are you evolving with your Word of the Year?

[45:23] – Mary Tess and Leigh discuss choosing to commit to an intention and what it means to try on intentions like clothing.

[47:39] – Explore yourself and your creativity.

[50:20] – What different ways can you honor your creativity?

[52:55] – Don’t judge yourself or your creativity too strictly.

[54:54] – Thank you for listening!


Memorable Quotes:

  • “Some of the things that worked for us in the past, are not working for us in the present. It is upon us to recognize that trigger or recognize that feeling.” – Mary Tess
  • “I think we’re in this constant evolution where we have to acknowledge and we have to be willing to release anything that’s not serving us. That’s the only way we can make space for the things that really do light us up.” – Mary Tess
  • “None of us see or experience other people’s work the way they do. It’s all a unique journey.” – Leigh
  • “Take time to invest in yourself and to figure out what your value in this world is that you see and how you can reflect it back into the world either through your own personal work or through some creative aspect.” -Leigh 


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